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Why Do We Use Refrigerant and Not Water?

Apr 18, 2022

This is not an uncommon question. Some people wonder why we do not use water to cool our homes but instead use a refrigerant. Your air conditioner works to cool your home without the use of water. In this process, your home is cooled efficiently and reliably. Let’s break down a few reasons why this is. More so, if you need air condition repair in Rio Rancho, NM, it’s best to contact a licensed technician to ensure the work is done properly because there is refrigerant, and not water, present.


So, Why Not Water?

Refrigerant is an important component in the function of most air conditioning units. Refrigerant requires less energy to evaporate and condense than water does. As a result, your air conditioner can cool your home’s air at a faster rate. It can also cool better, which may mean reaching your desired comfort level far faster.

At the same time, refrigerant is more efficient than the use of water for cooling. It takes a lot more energy for water to work in this way, and that just limits the overall benefit of using the AC system. There are some air conditioner models that use water, but these tend to be very rarely found in homes, and they are expensive to maintain.

The refrigerants operate in a clean process. That means that the refrigerant works to absorb the heat from the air that moves into your system. As it does that, it cools the air before pushing it back out into your home. That same refrigerant recycles over and over again, often lasting for years without any concerns. While other factors may still impact the overall efficiency of your AC, using water as a replacement for refrigerant is just not an efficient option.

Do You Suspect You Have a Refrigerant Problem?

While it operates in a closed system, it is possible for some problems to arise with refrigerant, especially over time. For example, your air conditioner may be running, but your home may not be cooling. The air coming from the vents may be warm or just slightly cooled. When this type of problem exists, it means that the refrigerant levels may not be at their proper level.

If you suspect that’s happening, turn to a professional service provider to inspect and update your system. The professionals will determine if the system needs a refrigerant recharge or if it needs repairs. It is not wise to do this type of work yourself because a problem here could lead to a costly repair later on if it is not done properly.

During your routine air conditioner inspection and tune-up each year, your technician will take a closer look at refrigerant levels to ensure they are at the right point. If not, they may suggest recharging the system to add more. Doing that can help to improve your use of energy (improving efficiency), and it helps keep your home cool.

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