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Can You Flush a Water Heater on Your Own?

Apr 4, 2022

You rely on your water heater numerous times a day, from washing your hands to doing the dishes. Water heaters typically are reliable, running consistently without a lot of required maintenance. However, at least one time a year, it is a good idea to flush your water heater. Doing so can help to ensure its lifespan. Should you do this on your own? It’s best to leave the water heater repair in Albuquerque, NM, up to the pros for several reasons.


Why Do You Need to Flush Your Water Heater?

Flushing the water heater is a bit more complex than simply emptying it and allowing it to fill back up. The process of flushing it allows for the removal of the build-up of material within it, called sediment. As water enters the water heater, it can bring in small amounts of minerals that solidify at the bottom of the tank and sometimes build up on the sides of it. By flushing the tank, it’s possible to remove most of these.

Over time, if this type of water heater maintenance is not complete, it can lead to a failure of the system. Sediment can also create a barrier at the bottom of the tank between the heating element and the water in it. That means your hot water heater has to work much harder to get results, increasing your energy bills. Routine water heater maintenance like this can save you money, minimize the risk of repair calls, and protects the lifespan of the system.

Should You Flush the Tank Yourself?

It is possible for you to flush your water heater on your own. To do so, follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer to protect your warranty and ensure it is done properly.

The process can be a bit tricky and needs to be done properly. If it is not done properly, the water heater may develop a leak. This can be a very slow, hard-to-see leak that causes water damage in the basement or crawlspace. Over time, this can be the ideal place for mold to grow. You may not notice that mold growth for some time, leading to potential health problems. At the same time, water leaks like this can ruin your furniture and create structural damage in the home.

Having a professional come to your home for hot water heater maintenance is the ideal solution. They can ensure the flushing is done properly while also ensuring that the tank is operating at its optimal level. They may be able to make repairs or updates to the hot water heater that could improve efficiency or minimize the risk of a repair later.

Get the Help You Need with Your Water Heater

It doesn’t take much time to have a pro look at your water heater. Doing so can give you peace of mind and ensure that you don’t have to worry about cold showers.

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