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Evaporative Coolers in Albuquerque, NM

Cooling your home can get a little tricky in Albuquerque, NM because we live in such a dry climate. Sometimes cooling off can come down to a little more than your actual air conditioning unit. You also need to factor in things like humidity. That’s where an evaporative cooler enters main stage. Evaporative coolers are ideal in our New Mexico climate because they control your temperature and your humidity levels too.

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What’s an Evaporative Cooler?

Let’s start from the beginning and get into the details of what an evaporative cooler actually is.

An evaporative cooler (more commonly known as a swamp cooler) is an alternative indoor cooling system. Don’t let the name “swamp cooler” mislead you—evaporative coolers are actually a poor choice for humid climates. An evaporative cooler uses water and the process of evaporation to cool a home rather than using standard methods of refrigerant to cool off a home. Evaporative coolers are great for dry climates and they’re great if you want cooling that’s a little more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

The Advantages of this System

So now you know how an evaporative cooler works, but why should you choose one of these systems for your home? Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Cost Savings: If you’re finally ready to make the transition to an evaporative air conditioner, you can expect to save 50% to 90% on your electricity costs with one of these systems.
  • Eco-Friendly: Evaporative coolers use a completely natural process to cool off your home. This means that the air leaving your evaporative cooler is better for your health, indoor air quality, and easier on the earth.
  • Easy Maintenance: Evaporative coolers are a pretty simple system in construction and operation. This means that if you need repair work, it’s going to be pretty simple for a professional to perform. You won’t have to spend substantial amounts of time and money getting your system in shape.

The Best Work in Albuquerque, NM

We respect your work and we’re appreciative of the opportunity to serve you here at First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc. Something that sets us apart from the rest is that we’re never going to hard sell you. We don’t want to force you into anything. Instead, we just want to provide you with the right knowledge and give you professional recommendations that are going to keep you comfortable.

You can trust our professionals because we have great ratings on both BBB and Angie’s List and we’re EPA and NATE certified. Don’t count out professional service. You’re going to need it for any and all systems that you choose here in Albuquerque, NM. We’ve got years of experience in the industry and we only want to provide you with the best service possible.

Convair CTA Series

What if we told you that your Albuquerque, NM home could be cooled easily while costing up to 80% less than a normal air conditioner? We’re not joking around, that’s just how powerful and efficient the Convair CTA series evaporative cooler is. By using a combination of the latest Black Opal™ MINI-CELL^ CHILLCEL® Pads and a Tornado® water pump, the Convair system can cool your home with a system that is much less likely to clog up or break down than other evaporative cooling units.

Call our team of experts today if this type of technology interests you. With evaporative cooling, the name of the game is savings, and we’re confident that we can install a system that’s going to save you money down the line. We will also repair and help maintain these systems for as long as they work for you!

Aerocool Trophy Series

Evaporative cooling systems have to deal with a lot of moisture. They cycle heated air through a pump that connects the air to moist water pads that can soak up the heat and cool the air down without using any chemicals or energy-intensive processes. However, evaporative coolers can deal with mineral deposits and other wear and tear issues that come with constant contact with water.

Not the Aerocool Trophy Series! These systems are powerful units that are built to last. They’re constructed with strong plastic shields on the outside, and the interior components are constructed out of sturdy metal which will resist the damaging effects of water deposits and other problems that evaporative coolers run into. If you want your evaporative cooler to last as long as possible while providing quality comfort, then call us today to learn more!

Frigiking Coolers

Our team provides ample maintenance for evaporative coolers in Albuquerque, NM. But maintenance can be a hassle when you’ve got a system that’s unreliable and falling apart. With Frigiking Coolers, you get a high-quality system with little maintenance needs. The bottom pan of the unit is lined with hot dipped galvanized steel and coated with an attractive finish, meaning you get the sturdiness of a system that’s built to last with the pleasant aesthetics of your average air conditioner.

Frigiking Coolers are expertly engineered to deliver high-quality performance and incredible energy efficiency. Coupling that technology with the services from our team, you’ll get a longer-lasting unit that keeps your home comfortable for years to come.

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