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What’s That Smell Coming From My Heater?

Mar 21, 2022

Your home’s heater operates on a consistent basis without a lot for you to do to it. One of the most important things you can do is pay attention to changes you notice, including new or different smells coming from it. You may not think your home’s furnace should cause an odor (and most of the time, that doesn’t happen), but if it does, it could mean you need repair help right away. Don’t overlook the needs of your ductless heating in Albuquerque, NM. 


The Rotten Egg Smell

Sometimes the smell you have can indicate there’s a need for repair of your heating system. For example, gas furnaces can sometimes develop a rotten egg smell. While you may be searching your home for something that has gone bad, it could be coming from a dangerous gas leak. If you smell this, it’s important to leave your home immediately. Your local fire department can come into the home to determine if there is a gas leak and, if present, turn it off for you to ensure you’re safe until you can get a technician into the home.

Sometimes, your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may pick up this odor, and you don’t notice it. That’s an important indication that you should leave your home immediately and not reenter until your technician tells you it is safe.

A Moldy Smell

Another situation can occur if you have a heat pump. In some situations, a heat pump may cause a moldy scent to be present throughout the home or in one area. If that happens, it could be because the condensate drain is clogged, allowing material to build up there and, in fact, mold over. It’s possible that this can cause a backup into the system, too.

If you notice any other smell, it’s still wise to contact a repair technician to determine what’s occurring. This is especially true if you’ve noticed your heating bills are on the rise or your heating system is making strange noises.

What Should You Do If You Smell Something?

If you’ve noticed any changes in the smell of your home’s furnace or other heating system, don’t ignore it. This is very important because a gas leak can be dangerous for anyone in the home. You may not always smell the gas, and you may not even know it is coming from your furnace, but its presence means you could be in danger.

Call a furnace repair technician and tell them what you’re experiencing. Discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing, and ask for a service call. Generally, this type of repair includes exploring the functionality of the furnace and ensuring that there are no gas leaks present. Sometimes, upgrading or making significant repairs to the system may be necessary. That may be a good time to upgrade to a new, more efficient model.

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