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How Much Should You Pay For Heating?

Mar 7, 2022

Heating costs are not cheap, but exactly how much should you pay for heating in your home? The thing is, you need a heating system in your home. Everyone does, and since you can’t get a free heating system, it does have to cost you some money. However, if you happen to make some comparisons with your neighbors or your previous heating bills, and you notice that your heating bills are abnormally high, then chances are there is a problem.


Possible Reasons Why Your Heating Bills Are Too High

If you notice that your room temperature is starting to drop, while your bills are starting to hike, here are some possible explanations for this.

Poor Insulation

If your HVAC system has exceeded its lifespan, then it is very likely to break and start leaking. At first, it will be difficult and this is a leak. However, with time, the leak could get worse and this will restrict the amount of warm air that gets into the room. By this time, the leak would have been noted.

When there are leaks, you need to increase the thermostat in order to maintain the temperature in the home.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for keeping the air in your home clean. When the air filter is dirty, it can make it more difficult for the heating system to distribute warm air around the home thus hiking the heating bills.

Remove Obstructions From Vents

The vents help to pump out warm air from the fireplace and if it is blocked, then it can’t function properly. By removing tables, chairs, and other materials that could block the vents, you get more heat flowing and your bills are stable.

Imbalanced Thermostat Settings

Knowing the right temperature for your home will save you some costs. Your thermostat might be set too high for your home, and by setting it properly, you can start cutting on your heating bills while being comfortable.

Heating bills vary in different locations. On average, the utility bill for a place like Albuquerque, NM costs anywhere from $130 – $200 monthly depending on several factors like home size and usage of heating facilities.

If you notice that your bills are shooting way above this range, here are some things you can do;

  • Change your air filters: If they start to get filled with dirt too often, chances are they need a replacement.
  • Add weather strippings around your windows and doors: This will prevent heat from escaping from holes and open spaces.
  • When not in use, seal your chimney flue.
  • Ensure that there are no hidden leaks in your HVAC system. If observed, get them fixed.
  • Work with a professional to install a smart thermostat in your home to find a middle ground for low heating bill costs but comfortable home temperatures.

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