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Problems That Could Lead to AC Replacement

Aug 11, 2020

Our motto here at First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc is “quality work, exuberant service.” That’s because we know our way around an air conditioning system. We know how to repair them, how to install them, and when it’s clear that replacement is necessary.

Unfortunately, every air conditioner has its own lifespan. We can’t guarantee that your system will run for the full 15 years that we say it should. There often occur problems in an air conditioner that can obviously lead to poor outcomes and a faulty system. Luckily, we’re the pros that will call them out and share the knowledge with you and everyone in the community. AC replacement in Albuquerque, NM is always an option when you have a team of professionals to help!

Let’s talk about some of the most prominent problems that lead to AC replacement. We’ll see if there’s anything you can do and the best ways to approach AC replacement as a whole.


Avoid AC Replacement

We’re not saying you should always opt for air conditioner replacement. In fact, air conditioner replacement can be one of the most expensive solutions you can purchase, so we understand the hesitation in approaching it. However, AC replacement can also be the most cost-effective solution in a lot of cases. Let’s discuss some of those cases and when it might be appropriate to call us for this service.

Compressor Failure

Compressors are often thought of as the “heart” of an air conditioner. Their purpose is to pressurize the refrigerant and pump it from condenser coil to evaporator coil and vice versa. This means that without your compressor, the air conditioner is just one oversized fan. If your air conditioner is suffering from low power output, or starts breaking down due to a compressor failure, we’ve got bad news for you.

Replacing a compressor is one of the most expensive repairs that can be made on an air conditioning system. This means that “repairing” a compressor failure is often not a very cost-effective solution to the problem. By taking steps to invest in a replacement air conditioner, you’ll still be paying a higher cost but for a much longer-term solution than you would by replacing the compressor.

Sizing Issues

When air conditioners are first installed in a home, they need to be sized appropriately. There is a specific amount of air volume in your home that should be cooled. When these services are performed by an amateur, or someone without the right equipment, you get a problem that’s near impossible to fix. If your air conditioner consistently has problems due to incorrect sizing, the only sensible option going forward is a replacement.

Some of these problems can be low cooling output, energy efficiency, increased frequency of repairs, and something called “short-cycling” (when an air conditioner runs in short, frequent bursts to compensate for being too large). If you’re experiencing these problems, be sure to call our team for replacement services today!

Call First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc for “quality work, exuberant service!”

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