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How Often Do You Need Your Sump Pump Serviced?

Sep 18, 2023

Your sump pump is the unsung hero of your home. It keeps the basement dry, relieves pressure off the foundation, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Which begs the question: how much does your sump pump need to be serviced, anyway?

As providers of plumbing service in Rio Rancho, NM, we’ve seen just about everything you can imagine with sump pumps. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from your sump pump, and when you should get it serviced.

Once Every Few Months

You have a sump pump for a reason–it’s working to keep moisture out of your basement, and the last thing you want to realize is that it’s broken when a storm’s knocking on your door. While it’s unlikely for a sump pump to just completely fail in the span of three months, it’s not something you want to find out later.

However, we know that one inspection every three months and possible service is a lot. At the very least, you should get sump pump maintenance before the wet season, and at the end repair any problems that your sump pump incurred while it was busy protecting your basement and foundation.

Or, As Needed

If you don’t want to or cannot stay that up-to-date on your sump pump operation, you can simply choose to monitor your sump pump and call for service as needed. However, it’s important to know what constitutes a reason to call for service and what you really shouldn’t ignore.

  • Horribly foul odors are a problem. This signals bacterial growth, which shouldn’t be happening if your sump pump is able to drain properly.
  • If there’s visible rust or corrosion of any kind, it may indicate that the components of your sump pumps are starting to wear out.
  • If it keeps cycling even when it doesn’t need to, that’s a problem that needs to be seen by a technician. At this point, it’s not maintenance–it’s a repair request.

DIY vs. Professional Services

There are some small tasks that may be okay to take a DIY approach with, but overall, your sump pump requires more than surface-level repairs and quick fixes. It needs to be thoroughly evaluated by a professional technician so they can determine what else needs attention.

While it can be tempting to go the DIY route every time your sump pump runs into trouble, there are clear benefits to choosing professional services, such as full service for your entire sump pump and the eye of an experienced technician. Your sump pump is the last device in your home that you want to fail.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Your sump pump needs regular maintenance if you want to rely on it when the time comes. We make sump pump maintenance an absolute breeze by setting up scheduling and regularly maintaining it for you. That way you won’t have to worry when a storm comes around.

Contact us today to schedule your sump pump repairs and maintenance going forward.

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