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Signs Your Ductless AC Needs Repairs ASAP

Oct 2, 2023

Ductless air conditioning is extremely powerful, but what happens when it hits a snag? The problems may not appear the same way they did when you had a ducted AC unit in the past. Here’s how to know if you need AC repair in Santa Fe, NM for your ductless air conditioner.


There’s Warm Air Coming Out

Ductless mini splits also work as heaters, so before you know if this is truly a problem or not, double-check that it’s still in cooling mode. Some ductless mini splits come with a remote, and it’s not uncommon for a child to get their hands on it and accidentally switch modes.

Once you know it’s actually in cooling mode and you still identify only warm air coming out, it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong. There could be a refrigerant leak or a problem with the compressor. It may also be a thermostat-related problem, but there’s no way to know until a technician gets out there to inspect things for themselves.

Strange Noises

Your ductless unit runs in the background and you barely notice that it’s there. That’s a good thing–it means it makes the same sounds and operates normally. When you become acutely aware of the noise your ductless mini split is making, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s a signal that something could be wrong. Pay attention to any metallic sounds, dripping noises, or otherwise unexpected sounds.

Obvious Leaks

If your ductless unit is leaking water anywhere in your home, that’s a bad sign. These machines have a way to dispel condensate outside of the home, so if it’s leaking indoors, it’s time to shut it off. Call for repairs and do what you can to stifle any liquid coming through. If you can identify the specific source on your ductless unit, that’s even better and will help your technician when they show up.

Sudden Spikes in Your Energy Bill

You have a routine–you use the same amount of energy each day, and you know what your bill will be within a few dollars. If that sounds like you, sudden spikes to your utility bill will surely come as a shock, and that’s to be expected.

First, be sure that nobody in your house has been using more electricity than normal. Next, inspect the energy rates on your utility bill to see if they’ve gone up. After that, it’s not ridiculous to assume your ductless unit is racking up the bill instead.

Short Cycling

This is one of the easiest problems to notice. If your ductless mini split revs up, begins to cool your home, but shuts down before your thermostat signifies that you reached your target temperature, then it’s short cycling. Your unit is struggling to meet demand, and as a result it’s costing you a lot of power.

Don’t Delay AC Repairs

If your ductless unit is on the fritz, you can’t wait for repairs and put your comfort at risk. Fixing problems as they pop up is always your best bet so they don’t turn into larger problems down the line, or alongside other home comfort-related issues. Give us a call to get started on your repairs.

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