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Watch Out for These 3 Problems During AC Installation

Sep 4, 2023

Your air conditioner’s most important day is the one that it’s installed. But the problem is, an installation has so many steps to it that sometimes you can get worried about how it’s going. While we ensure every AC installation in Rio Rancho, NM, we know it can still be nerve-wracking to watch an expensive, new system being installed.

That’s why we’ve made this list of three big problems that can pop up during AC installation, so you know what to look for. It’s for your own peace of mind, and so you’re always prepared if you need a new install or replacement down the line.


Improper Drainage System Setup

Your air conditioner pulls humidity from the air in your home and keeps the relative humidity (RH) level down as a result. They’re pretty good at it, but all that humidity has to go somewhere. It drips down into a pan within your air conditioner, and then through a condensate drainage line and out into your yard, away from your home.

But when your drainage system isn’t installed properly, it can cause problems. Water can pool around the base of your AC cabinet and cause corrosion to the metal, but beyond that, mildew can form in the drain line. This builds up until it becomes a clog, and water overflows in your drain pan, causing even more problems. The drainage line needs to be installed properly.

Your Thermostat Simply Isn’t Placed Right

Your thermostat gauges the temperature of your home and then communicates with the air conditioner. Based on what you put your desired target temperatures to be, it will send an “ON” or “OFF” signal to the AC as needed.

The problem here is that if the thermostat is installed in a bad area, it won’t be able to draw an average temperature of the entire house. That means your AC may turn on prematurely, or when it’s not needed at all. The thermostat needs to be strategically installed.

Old Air Duct Issues

Most of the time, your older air ducts will still be good enough to hook up to your new AC. We perform a pre-installation appointment to inspect your unit and make sure there are as few surprises as possible during the installation, but it’s impossible to see every potential problem.

When we disconnect your old air conditioner, it gives us the chance to see your ductwork where it connects to the unit. There might be wear and tear, or it might be fine, but this is something you definitely want to look for.

Installed Right, Every Time

Getting a new air conditioner should be exciting, not dreadful. Now that you know what to look for and you know that our team is top-notch at what we do, you can contact us to get a quote for your new AC installation, and know that you’re in good hands from the time the project starts until it’s over.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner installation and we’ll be sure it’s done right.

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