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Which Air Conditioner Type Is Right for Me?

Sep 10, 2018

air-conditioning-collageInvesting in a new air conditioner is a process like any other. You’ll need a budget and a trained professional, to start, and then you’ll also need to consider what type of air conditioning system matches your needs. It’s not so easy as it sounds due to the number of different factors that might affect your decision.

No two homes (or homeowners) are the same so keep an open mind during the initial consultation with your air conditioning service specialist in Santa Fe, NM. Read on for details about some of the major systems you have available.

Central Air

There’s a reason that central air systems remain at the top: they integrate well with forced-heating systems for year-round cooling, and they are adaptable to a wide range of home types. Central air ensures that you have full control over the temperature of your home, and you can dial this in further with zone control via a master Wi-Fi thermostat. Sound good? We think so.

Ductless Mini Splits

The ductless mini split has several advantages over centralized forced-air systems that use ductwork to circulate air. For one, no ducts means less air quality issues related to stagnant dust and debris within the ductwork. They also tend to be highly energy efficient and quiet. They can also be added on to your home in the event of a renovation or addition quite easily. Let’s not forget to mention that they are a type of heat pump, which means they both cool and heat your home.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is similar to a dedicated central air conditioning unit except that it is capable of reversing the flow of refrigerant to pull thermal energy from outside during winter; i.e. it can heat your home. This makes it especially versatile and energy efficient. This technology continues to improve and this style of AC makes a lot of sense in New Mexico since our winters are not as extreme as areas further north.

Evaporative Cooler

The evaporative cooler, or “swamp cooler” as it’s also known, is a relatively simple device that blows air over moisture in order to provide cooling to your home. It’s built for dry climates like ours. Because conventional air conditioning dries the air as it cools, this type of machine provides some much needed moisture in the air.

What Now?

Get yourself a consultation with a professional so that you can find a system that’s tailored to your home comfort requirements as well as your budget. And look for a major brand, such as Coleman, Honeywell, or Aprilaire. Whatever type, brand, or company you choose, make sure you deal with a reputable contractor who ensures the system is installed correctly the first time. Relying on DIY or substandard approaches puts your investment at risk, and your system may not provide the performance, energy efficiency, and longevity that it should as a result.

You can rely on Desert Suns Heating & Cooling Inc. for all of your air conditioning installation needs. Contact New Mexico’s Comfort Specialists today!

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