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What HVAC Services Do You Really Need?

Nov 27, 2023

When you have HVAC in Albuquerque, NM, it can be difficult to know what services you actually need for your system. If you’re a newer homeowner and this part of managing your home is new to you, we’re about to clarify a lot for you.

Let’s take a look at all the critical HVAC services you really need, and explain why those internet forums you found that call maintenance a sham and say you can vacuum your air filters instead of switching them out with new ones are full of it.


Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

First and foremost, you should have annual HVAC maintenance already in place. You can set up a once-yearly appointment with your HVAC company so they’ll come out and provide a tune-up to your HVAC system and keep it in line.

What a maintenance appointment does is this: it provides a tune-up to your system’s working parts, including lubricating, switching out small components for newer ones, etc., and it also acts as a point of inspection for your HVAC contractor.

Every HVAC system endures a breakdown at one point or another, but the amount of those breakdowns can be greatly reduced with proactive measures. Maintenance falls under that category. Your technician can see what problems are on the not-so-distant horizon based on how your machine is working today, and that can save you big down the line.

Swift Repairs as Needed

One of the most common calls any HVAC company gets is for immediate repairs. Your air conditioner stops working, or your heater isn’t producing air that’s warm enough–you get the idea. These are problems that pop up seemingly out of nowhere and require immediate service to restore your system’s ability to function.

You’re likely to endure a few repair calls across the lifespan of your HVAC system. They last for an average of 10-15 years, though they sometimes last for longer with proper maintenance and timely repairs. We mention swift repairs because your HVAC system might run at partial capacity if one component is down, but the others aren’t. The problem here is that by running your system even though one piece is broken, it puts additional strain on the other working parts in your system, causing that to break down faster. It’s a domino effect.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Your air quality is more important than you may realize right now. HVAC systems provide aid in the fight against poor indoor air quality, though they’re not the main focus. For improved indoor air quality, you should have a system such as an air purifier or air filtration system installed.

That being said, a central AC or furnace still provides some indoor air quality control. If you have multiple ductless mini splits where there are 2-4 filters, those are also helping improve your air quality.

Filters capture dust, dander, allergens, and small-scale debris. Whether it’s a disposable filter or a mesh one that can be cleaned and put back in place, your filter needs to be checked often. Some dust will still get through, so during maintenance or other HVAC services, your technician will likely clean the interior of your unit to prevent dust buildup from strangling the evaporator coil or jamming up other components.

You Always Need a Solid HVAC Company in Your Back Pocket

Your HVAC system needs TLC from the pros–that’s where we come in. First Rate should be your first pick, because we’ve seen it all, put our experience to work for us, and fix problems with your HVAC system as quickly as possible.

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