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3 Reasons Water Leak Detection is Worth It

Dec 11, 2023

Water leaks aren’t just annoying–they’re potentially catastrophic to your home’s structural integrity, your other plumbing, and most importantly: your wallet. Leaks cause more problems than you might think, so today we want to highlight the three main reasons to hire leak detection services to make sure you don’t have any leaky plumbing.

When we handle water leak detection in Albuquerque, NM, we handle some of the most obscure leaks that you’ve ever seen. They pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but they don’t have to stick around and plague you and your family. Here’s why leak detection is worth it.


Reduces the Cost of Water Bills

While it doesn’t seem like much, a small leak can add up to a lot of water over the course of a single month (let alone an entire year). The problem is, most leaks aren’t visible. So let’s use an example that you’ve likely seen once or twice: a leaking faucet.

The knob is turned all the way closed, and it can’t go anymore, but the faucet is still dripping. That simple, steady drip can potentially waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year. That’s enough to shower every single day for half the year, and it adds up quickly in your water bills.

And that’s just a leak that you can see. What about the ones in your pipes that you can’t properly detect on your own? They could be wasting tens of thousands of gallons of water per year, wasting your hard-earned money.

Restores Proper Water Pressure to Your Entire Plumbing System

Ever turn your faucet on and it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough water pressure? Maybe it even felt better a month ago or so? That’s a sign that the leak isn’t just a small dribble coming out of a pinhole in a pipe–it’s a big leak and it’s causing stress to your plumbing system..

When you get leak detection services and we seal up any leaks we find, your water pressure should be restored. If it’s not related to a leak, our plumbing services can still help you find out what’s causing it and take care of the problem.

Ensures No Further Property Damage

Unless it’s just a leaky faucet that’s going down the drain anyway, it’s safe to assume that an existing water leak in your plumbing is also causing property damage. Water damage is a nightmare for homeowners, and can cost you so much in repairs that it’ll leave you seeing stars. All because of a problem you can’t even see. It’s worth getting it checked out and stopping the rising water damage repair bill in its tracks.

Don’t Wait for Leak Detection

Your water leak can’t wait. Water damage leads to five-figure damage before you know it, and it’s not something you can just wait to tackle. We’re here to help you with every leak you could possibly run into–contact us today, and our experienced, licensed plumbers will be at your home as quickly as possible so you can get this problem handled fast.

Contact us today to schedule your water leak detection services as soon as possible.

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