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We Can Help With Toilet Tank Replacement

Aug 22, 2022

Do you have a toilet tank that seems to be leaking? Perhaps you’ve noticed that the water in your tank is running often, even when no one has used it recently. You may even suspect that there’s moisture buildup around your bathroom floor that’s coming from that tank.

That may mean you need to replace the toilet tank. Many people try to do this on their own, and while it may seem like an easy process, that’s not often the case. Instead, call a licensed technician to help you with toilet repair in Albuquerque, NM.


Why Do You Need Toilet Tank Replacement?

The toilet tank is the portion of the toilet that holds water. When you push the lever, the water flows from the tank into the toilet to allow for the flushing of waste down the opening. To do this, various components need to work well.

The toilet tank itself, which is often made of porcelain, could last for decades without needing to be changed out. However, within the tank are a number of rubber components that often wear down over time. Rubber becomes deformed or begins to break down due to the constant exposure to water. Often, these rubber components require replacement every 5 to 7 years. When this happens, you may be tempted to remove the whole toilet or are unsure what to do.

Why Trust a Professional for Toilet Repair?

Sometimes, depending on the problems you are having or the functionality of the toilet, it could be better to call a professional in to handle this type of repair. Doing so offers a few key benefits.

  • Done properly. One of the most important things to know about toilets is that they need to be sealed properly. Any small air leak or misplacement of the seals in any component can lead to leaks. Some of those leaks are hidden behind walls or in the flooring, allowing them to occur for a long time without being noticed. This can create mold and mildew risks. Ensuring this is done properly is a must.
  • Save time. Replacing these components does not take a licensed pro very long, but it could take several hours for a homeowner without a lot of experience. You’re busy and may just want to let someone else handle this type of project.
  • Improve efficiency. Depending on the type of work done, replacing these seals could help to improve efficiency. That’s because less water is lost due to the gaps in those seals. A toilet that uses less water saves you money and helps the planet.
  • Extend its life. A professional can ensure all of the components are replaced as needed, ensuring it lasts longer than if a homeowner were to replace the components themselves.

More so, it’s a good idea to have a plumber take a closer look at the problem from the start to ensure that the toilet itself doesn’t need replacement.

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