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Can an AC Replacement Be More Cost-Effective?

Sep 5, 2022

When we say the words “cost-effective” it can be a bit confusing to some people. Something might be more expensive, but be more “cost-effective” in the long run depending on how it’s made. This can be described for many different products, like brand-name clothing or detergent that’s more powerful than knock-off brands. This is why it’s important to think ahead when investing in products for your home comfort.

Well, we’re not experts on clothing or detergents, and we’re definitely not going to tell you how to shop. However, we are experts in AC technology, and we would like to talk a bit about air conditioning replacements in Albuquerque, NM. Specifically, we want to discuss whether or not a replacement might be cost-effective in your situation.

What we mean is that a replacement might actually cost less money down the line than a quick fix. Let us explain.


Yes, an AC Replacement Can Save You Money

The truth is that replacements have a bad wrap in our society, even if they might actually save you money down the line. We think of replacements as an expensive way to deal with a system that should last longer, but won’t. However, that’s not quite correct.

An air conditioning replacement can save you money if you think about some of the following points that might impact your future comfort and budget.

Air Conditioners Don’t Last Forever

First things first, air conditioners don’t last forever. If your AC equipment is reaching its second decade of service to you and your family, then you’re probably spending way more money than you should on a comfort system that’s well past its expiration date.

In fact, most forced-air cooling systems last between 10-15 years in age before they start running into serious problems, require component replacements on a regular basis, and start consuming way more energy than necessary. Keep this in mind when you’re investigating whether or not you should replace or repair your air conditioner.

Compare Repair and Replacement Costs

It might be hard to wrap your head around replacement costs, but they make more sense when they’re compared to repair costs. Sometimes, a repair might be cheap and fast, which is great! But sometimes a repair might be extremely expensive, and that’s where the cost of replacement looks a lot more enticing.

For instance, repairing a broken compressor can sometimes cost thousands of dollars in parts and labor expenses. When compared to the cost of replacement, you might get more value out of your purchase by replacing the whole system instead of just the compressor.

Consult With a Professional

Unfortunately, we can’t really tell you how best to navigate this situation unless we know exactly what kind of position you’re in. This is why it’s so important to consult with a licensed professional who knows about your home comfort preferences, your budget, and your current system.

Professional HVAC technicians often provide estimates as well, which can help you navigate the complex nature of this kind of purchase. Plan accordingly and good luck!

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