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Our Heating Guide for 2021

Mar 22, 2021

Wait, don’t put away your heating system just yet! We know that temperatures are only going to get hotter from here, but you’re going to need your heating system again later on this year. So, it’s important to practice some of these important steps if you want your system to stay in good condition.

Just like a musical instrument or a device, you don’t just want to toss it in the basement for six months and forget about it. You’ll want to investigate it, clean it, and make sure that it’s ready to go for next heating season. Or, if it’s not, then address the issue before it’s forgotten and causes you anxiety.

So, let’s take one last stop on the “heating in Albuquerque, NM” express and figure out where your heating system stands this spring.


Step 1: Keep it Clean

Just because it’s almost the end of the season, doesn’t mean you don’t have to provide the vital maintenance that keeps it clean and functional. For instance, you’re always going to want to change out your heater’s air filter before the last days of spring. That’s because it’s too easy to forget about it when the heating season begins.

Also, make sure you keep the system itself clean and away from any clutter in your home. Don’t start stacking boxes on it or moving things within 2 feet of the unit, even if it’s just temporary. On the few days cold days its required, you’ll see it struggle to run if it’s cluttered.

Step 2: Call for Repairs

Uh oh, you just remembered that your heating system needs to be fixed. But hey, it’s almost summer which means you basically just have to survive until it warms up, right? Wrong!

That repair isn’t just going to disappear. A few days of rest, relaxation, and a glass of orange juice aren’t going to keep repair needs at bay like it does an illness. That problem is here to stay until you schedule it to be fixed. This means the longer your heater sits in retirement through the summer, the more likely that repair need is to turn into something worse. Do yourself a favor and get your heater fixed now before things get complicated.

Step 3: Evaluate the Condition

How is your heater faring? Is it doing just fine and you just can’t wait to finally spend some time outdoors? Or perhaps it’s been struggling all winter long and you’ve been anxiously wondering what’s going wrong? If your heater is getting worse and no repair seems to get at the heart of the issue, then it might be time to consider replacement.

Don’t worry, the good news is that springtime is actually the best time to think about heater replacement. For starters, you’ve got almost 6 months until the next heating season arrives, which gives us plenty of time to discuss your options. Also, since you’ve caught this early, you can talk with us about considering a year-round comfort system like a heat pump. Regardless of your home comfort needs, we can help.

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