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Is Your Furnace Doing This? It’s a Sign That You Need Repairs

Mar 11, 2019

technician-servicing-hot-water-heaterWhen we have our technicians show up to job sites for a breakdown, a common problem that led to the furnace failure is homeowners not knowing when to call for repair services. We’re not unreasonable—we really don’t expect the average homeowner to know each and every sign that they should call for repair services, but it is important to know some key factors. Knowing the big signs that your heating system is screaming out for professional care can be the difference between a routine repair service and a breakdown that leaves your heater down for the count. If you’re looking for great furnace repair in Santa Fe, NM then contact our team. We’ll give you incredible service at an affordable price.

Watch Out for the Following:

Make sure you look out for the following problems in your home this winter.

Irregular Cycle Times

We don’t expect you to time your heater’s cycles, but even without paying meticulous attention to the rhythm of the heating cycle, you know what’s “regular.” If the heater is experiencing short cycling or super long run times, then you’re damaging your heating system. This will only make your heater work much harder to provide comfort for your home and will likely lead you to have more costly heating repairs in the future.


Is it hard for you to get warm in your home this winter? Your heater’s only job is to keep your home warm, so if it’s not able to do this the only step to take is to call us. Being unable to heat your home adequately quickly can quickly descend into a system breakdown because many homeowners make their heater run at higher temperatures and for longer run times rather than addressing the core issue. Don’t try to perform these services on your own, employ a professionally trained heating technician to fix your home.

High Heating Bills

When you’re running your heat like you normally would, you can expect a certain price tag on your heating bills. If you’re running your heater normally but the price of the bill you receive monthly reflect something more like a sweat lodge, make sure you call a professional. You’re battling against a beast much bigger than you—heating system inefficiency.

Low Airflow

This one might be a little hard to notice at first. There are a lot of things going on in your daily life, so a slight drop in pressure from your furnace blowing might slip under your radar. Take some time to pay close attention to the airflow in your home by putting your hand near one of the vents. If you’re not feeling a strong gust of warm air rushing into the room, then the heater is having trouble with low airflow likely caused by a blockage in the ductwork.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional team in your area when you’re having trouble with your heating system. At Desert Suns Heating & Cooling Inc. we’ll provide reliable service to your home at the best price available. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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