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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heater?

Feb 11, 2019

bundled-up-manAll good things come to an end, so no matter how great the heater is in your home, it just can’t last forever. When you start to have trouble with your heater, it’s because of an operational dysfunction somewhere within the system. If you’re having trouble determining the origin of the problem, you should have a professional from our team come out and assess your system.

You never want to wait too long to replace your heater, if you do, it could result in a terrible system breakdown. If you need great HVAC service in Corrales, NM then make sure that you contact our team. We’re the best choice for any and all of your heating services here in New Mexico because we understand heating and care about our customers.

Signs It’s Time to Replace

You probably don’t know every sign that your heater is on its way out. We’ve listed the top signs below. If you’re experiencing these things, it’s time to call a professional.

You Need Repairs Too Often

Do you always need to have your heater repaired? You shouldn’t need repair services more than once every few years. If you need to repair your system more often than this, it’s time to start thinking about a new heating system. It’s a much more cost-effective and energy-efficient option than constantly repairing your heater. We know that the initial cost of a new heater might make it seem like sticking with repairs is a better option, but trust us, repairs add up.

Your Heater Is Over the Age of 10

If your heating system is over the age of 10, then it’s time for you to start thinking about replacing your heater. We often see homeowners push their system on way past it’s prime. We get why you’d do this—it seems like you can make it last forever. but the problems that an old unit brings add up. You also don’t want an unforeseen breakdown on your hands. It’s a much wiser decision to shift your focus and monetary savings to a system replacement in the near future.

Higher Heating Bills

Take a look at your recent heating bills. Have they increased in the past few months or even the past year? If they have then, it’s a great decision to think about buying a new heater. You have a problem with efficient heating on your hands and it will decrease the lifespan of your heater and the amount of money in your pocket.

Ineffective Heating

New Mexico winters get pretty cold. Have you noticed that you’re having trouble staying warm this winter? Your heater is probably to blame. If you feel like your home has hot and cold spots or that your heater has an immense amount of trouble trying to heat up your space then it’s a great idea to invest in a new heating system.

If you’re having trouble with your heating system here in Corrales, then make sure you contact our amazing team here at Desert Suns Heating & Cooling Inc.

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