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6 Things to Remember When Starting Your Heater

Oct 19, 2020

It’s that time of year again, and whether or not you like it—your heater is going to play a vital role in your home comfort. While it might not seem like winter ever comes in New Mexico, it absolutely does and our night chilly temperatures will creep up on you.

Does your heater need repairs? When was the last time you changed the air filter in your furnace? These are all questions that you should start answering before they’re too late. Services that involve HVAC in Santa Fe, NM can be incredibly expensive and hard to schedule when booked in the middle of the winter. That’s why we’re writing this blog post in the fall!

So, come with us on a journey to restart your heating system for the year and kick things into gear the right way!


Tips for the Start of a New Season

We’re not here to make you feel bad for not scheduling service when you had the time earlier in the season, we just want you to be ready for the chilly temperatures ahead. It might not get that cold here in Santa Fe, but to say that you’d be okay without a heater at all is very risky.

  • Make sure it’s working properly. How are you going to know that you’re suffering from heating issues if you haven’t run your heater at all this year? If it didn’t work at all last year then that’s a different story, but just turn it on and see how it runs. Call us and give us a full report if you think it needs help.
  • Change the air filter. When was the last time you changed your air filter? Was it at the end of last year? Perhaps you don’t remember? That’s okay! Changing your air filter is a good thing to do at the start of the season so you don’t have to worry about the last time you did it. This type of help is invaluable for your system, and will help you in more ways than one!
  • Schedule maintenance for your heater. Maintenance is a great way to ensure that your heater is in great shape for the colder temperatures to come. One of our seasoned professionals can come to your home, run some diagnostics, make minor adjustments and repairs, and let you know if anything seems off.
  • Think about replacement if it’s too old. How old is your heater? If it’s older than 15 years then you’re probably not doing yourself any favors if you’re trying to constantly repair it and set it up. Consider replacement as a long-term solution.
  • Keep things clean and tidy. If you’ve got a furnace then you probably know how important it is to keep things clean nearby. Anything flammable within 2 feet of your furnace should be considered a fire hazard and removed accordingly.
  • Compare your heating bills to last year’s. How much did you spend last year on heating bills? How much are you starting to spend this year? If there’s a noticeable difference, then your system is suffering in efficiency. Call us today to get this sorted out.

First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc can help you out. Just give us a call. Quality work, exuberant service.

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