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You Might Want to Install a New Air Conditioner Before Summer

May 21, 2018

Air-conditioner-cashThe daily temperatures are starting to climb as we get closer to summer, and they’re not going to drop for a while. If you haven’t already made sure that your home is ready for the hottest months of the year, now would be a good time. Part of making sure your home is ready for summer is ensuring that you have an air conditioner you can rely on in your home. If your current air conditioner isn’t filling you with confidence about its ability to cool your home over the next several months, you should probably replace it before summer arrives. The following are some of the most common signs that an air conditioner should be replaced.

High Monthly Bills

If your air conditioner starts to cost more to use from month to month than it normally does, even under heavy use, then you might need to install a new system. Air conditioners often lose efficiency as they get close to the end of their lifespan. The parts inside the system wear out, forcing the air conditioner to operate for longer periods of time to accomplish the same temperature change. You may not notice this longer operating time, but it will eventually cause your monthly costs to rise. The only way to fix this particular issue, unfortunately, is to install a new system.

Constant Breakdowns

Air conditioners that need to be repaired multiple times a year are very likely in need of replacement. That level of frequency in breakdowns tends to indicate that the parts inside the air conditioner are beginning to succumb to wear and tear. The longer you insist on using the air conditioner, the more parts will fail and the more expensive it will be to keep the system up and running. It’s better to install a brand new system at that point than to keep repairing the current one over and over. After all, if you keep doing that you’re just replacing your current system one part at a time.

Old Age

If you take the best possible care of your air conditioner, you can expect it to last around 10–15 years, give or take. Once an air conditioner passes the age of 15, it will quickly begin to accumulate a whole range of chronic issues like those listed above. The older an air conditioner gets, the more it will cost to keep it up and running. If your air conditioner is older than 15, you’re probably paying way more to keep it going than you would if you just installed a new system. Your old system’s inefficiency is just going to get more expensive when summer starts, so now is the time to consult with a professional about installing a new one. You’ll save a lot more money in the long run, and you won’t have to worry about your air conditioner breaking down on you in the middle of summer.

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