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What’s the Most You Should Pay for Furnace Repair?

Jan 10, 2022

This is a great question and one that we get from homeowners often. They really want to understand the cost-value of furnace repair in Albuquerque, NM, because nobody wants to pay for services on a system that isn’t worth the investment. Just how high should a repair bill get before you start considering replacement?

Keep in mind that those are your two choices. Getting rid of your heating system to save money might sound like a good idea in theory until temperatures abruptly drop for those chilly nights and you’re finding yourself wasting money on space heaters and other less-efficient modes of heating.

So, let’s talk about the limit on how much you should be willing to pay for repairs, and why replacement might be your alternative solution in this case. Our team provides both of these services, so you don’t have to shop around. We’ll get you to where you need to be!


Furnace Repairs Can Be Normal

First, let’s start off by addressing a concern that many homeowners seem to have. It’s actually abnormal to have a furnace that never needs repairs throughout the entirety of its lifespan. Furnace repairs, especially one every few years, is completely normal. After all, this is a machine that works around the clock to provide your home with warm, comfortable temperatures. Something is bound to go wrong every few years, and a trained professional can deal with it easily.

However, if you’re dealing with two of the following issues, then you’ve got a problem on your hands.

  • Lots of repairs. You shouldn’t be calling for repairs every year or six months. This is a sign that something is very wrong.
  • An expensive repair. If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a repair when a repair would cost just about as much, then you’re not making a very wise financial decision. This is important to think about.

The Rule of Half

Here’s a good rule of thumb to think about when contemplating how expensive a furnace repair should be.

If the cost of a repair, or a set of multiple repairs exceeds half of the cost of a new system replacement, it’s almost always a better idea to go with the replacement. A replacement furnace will not only last longer than your current one, but it will run more efficiently, effectively, and not need as many repairs for a long period of time. This is almost always a line that signals the need for replacement.

Signs of a Replacement

Here are a few other signs that might make you rethink your “costly repair” and consider replacement.

  • Age. If your furnace is reaching the 10-year mark, then you’re quickly getting to the edge of its lifespan. Think about replacing your system instead of spending so much money on repairs.
  • Frequency of repairs. If you’re constantly annoyed by frequent repairs, or components that are failing, then you might need a new furnace.
  • High heating bills. A trend of high heating bills can be a sign that you need a new furnace.

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