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What’s That Noise Coming from the AC?

May 19, 2020

So, let’s say your air conditioner is only a couple of years old—so it should be working relatively well. All of a sudden, you start to hear a rattling noise, similar to when you’ve left something inside the pocket of your jeans in the dryer. Or perhaps you’re hearing a squealing noise that sounds like the county fair’s prize pig, only it’s coming from the… interior of your air conditioner?

This isn’t much of a mystery to professionals like us, even though it might be confounding to a homeowner without experience in the HVAC field. That’s okay! Not everyone can be a rocket scientist or an HVAC technician, but we usually defer to the expert opinions of them when we need their help. So, we think it’s time to take our word for it when we say that noises aren’t normal and they usually signify the need for AC repair in Albuquerque, NM.


Which Noises?

Before we get into what the problem could be, we need to start talking about the fact that there are multiple different sounds that could come from an air conditioner. The important thing to remember as a homeowner is that none of them, save for a single click and the whooshing of air from your vents, are good. With that being said, let’s check out what noises we’re talking about.

  • Rattling. First, we’re going to cover the rattling noise. If you were to throw a nut or a bolt into a metal box and shook it up, you’d probably hear the same rattling noise. That’s because rattling signifies that there’s something loose or broken in your air conditioner and it needs to be secured. Have your system repaired today.
  • Clicking. Clicking might be a fine noise to hear if your AC is just starting up, but if it’s constantly clicking, then you’ve got a problem. Clicking usually has to do with a capacitor that’s not working or even a problem with your thermostat. If you’re trying to keep your AC in good condition, it’s a great idea to get this checked out.
  • Screaming. Now, screaming isn’t the most common problem to occur on an air conditioner, but it’s one that warrants immediate attention. You’ve got pressurized refrigerant leaks that could be leaking, causing a high-pressure scream that could indicate not only a problem with your AC but a danger to your family. Shut your system off and contact a pro immediately.
  • Buzzing. We mentioned electrical issues earlier, but sometimes they develop as a buzzing noise instead of a clicking noise. You could have fan blades out of balance, dirty parts, or something wrong with the circuit board, causing it to buzz like a high voltage server. All of these issues warrant immediate professional help.

Call Us Today

So, if any of the sounds we listed above seem familiar, then you’re always better off calling our professionals to come to take a look. These sounds could signify anything, from a catastrophic problem to a slight issue that’s just going to raise your bills. Either way, get this problem fixed and enjoy the improved comfort that comes after.

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