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Uncommon Air Conditioner Problems You Should Be Aware of

Apr 17, 2023


Your AC might break down due to a bad compressor, maybe the fan starts to give out on you. It could be any number of boring, plain old mechanical things, but sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, something odd happens that you don’t think of right away.

When you get air conditioning repair in Albuquerque, NM, there’s no telling what your technician will find. While these situations aren’t common, they happen, and it’s best to be prepared for the possibility. Plus, it’s fun to learn about different ways your AC could become a hotel for mice.


Rodents Eat Through Your Ductwork

It gets cold, then you turn on the heat. Rodents seek out the heat during winter months for safety and survival, and nowhere is warmer than a vent filled with temperature-controlled air.

When they look for warmth, they’ll cut through your air duct with their little teeth and either find a way inside, or begin to nest/gather in your attic or walls where that warm air is now leaking out.

Bonus problem: if you don’t clear them out, there’s a chance that they can die in the ductwork, and you’ll get a very unpleasant smell before long.

Your Outdoor AC Cabinet Can Sink Into the Dirt

Your air conditioner cabinet is that big metal box outside. It’s likely sitting on a large rectangular platform of concrete, but do you know why?

It’s a foundation. Your AC cabinet needs to be level to function properly, and the foundation can sink into the ground over time. This may stress out connections from your AC cabinet to the inside of your home, but it can also cause water to pool when it leaves your drainage line, causing more problems for your cabinet.

External Water Damage

How aggravating would it be to do everything right for your AC, including annual maintenance and timely repairs, all just to have an external problem cause damage to your AC? Seems pretty frustrating.

If you have a water leak or problem outside of the air conditioner cabinet, such as in your kitchen next to the air intake vent, it could damage the wiring of your air conditioner. It can also creep into the ducts and create mold issues as well. Water leaks can cause a few different problems:

  • Electrical Damage: Water damage near electrical connections, your thermostat, or anything with electricity is a huge problem.
  • Mold Growth: Mold eats away at wood and even ductwork, too. Water leads to mold growth and lowers your indoor air quality if it spreads through your ductwork.
  • Instability: The area around your air conditioner and air intake vent can become worn down and unstable over time. Water damage impacts everything.

The Chances of These Repairs Happening to You Are Low (But Never Zero)

While you’re not going to run into these problems all too often, it’s important to keep them on your radar just to be extra careful. Let’s stave off problems with annual maintenance–it acts as a point of inspection, so your AC technician can determine whether or not any of these uncommon issues are plaguing you and your air conditioner.

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