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This is Why You Can’t Stay Cool in Your Home

Aug 6, 2019

Do you dread returning home at the end of the day? Do you sweat endlessly when you’re trying to relax in the comfort of your home? Trust us, we know it gets quite hot here in Santa Fe, but you should never have to deal with an ineffective air conditioner. Your air conditioner is meant to handle the heat. It’s time for you to get a new system if this isn’t possible.

If you’re looking for AC repair in Santa Fe, NM, we can be by your side in a flash. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to be cool in your home. Our professionals are a league ahead of the rest. This means that we can pinpoint the problem in your home quickly and take the right measures to fix the problem. Contact our professionals today when you want reliable work.

What’s Wrong?

What exactly is the issue? There could be a few things making your home a little less than comfortable including the following:

  • You Have Unwanted Heat Gain: You love the sunlight right? There’s nothing better than pulling those curtains back on a bright summer morning to let the sun in. The only problem is that you experience a little net heat gain from the natural sunlight pouring into your home. Having all your windows wide open can quickly turn your home into a broiling sauna. A quick fix for this is closing your blinds or curtains during the height of the day. This will help you fend off unwanted heat and keep your home cooler naturally.
  • Your Thermostat Has Gone South: If you don’t have a thermostat that’s hardwired, your first step should be to make sure this system doesn’t need new batteries. If your home’s thermostat is hardwired into the wall, it’s time for you to contact a professional AC technician. Thermostat problems are an air conditioning issue that also quickly becomes an electrical issue. Make sure that you choose our professional team for this work because we can repair the device and ensure that the problem doesn’t dive any deeper in your air conditioning system as a whole.
  • You Haven’t Replaced Your Air Filter: The best thing that you personally can do for your air conditioning system is to replace your air conditioner’s filter on a regular basis. The air conditioner’s filter is responsible for keeping your AC system clean and functional. If you go months without replacing your air conditioner’s filter, you’re running the risk of your system backing up and leading to several other issues. Replace the filter at least once a season to keep your home in great shape.

If you go through this checklist above and still need a little extra assistance, it’s time for you to contact our professionals. We’re an experienced team of HVAC professionals that know how to keep your home in great shape for a low price.

Contact Desert Suns Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our qualified professionals. We care about the work we perform.

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