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This Is How Powerful Home Air Purifiers Are

Mar 1, 2023


Indoor air quality is critical to a healthy, happy life in your home. Poor air quality can cause allergies, respiratory problems, and a number of other staggering health issues. To keep your air as clean as possible, you need an air purifier.

Your indoor air quality in Albuquerque, NM benefits from an air purifier in a few different ways. This runs constantly, helping you even when you sleep–let’s talk about how.


They Pull Dust and Debris From the Air You Breathe

Allergens like dust and pet dander fly through the air and cause you problems. If you’ve ever looked at a shard of light coming in through your blinds and seen little particles floating around in the air, that’s debris. You shouldn’t be breathing that in. Air purifiers can help by pulling these out of the air you breathe, especially a whole home air purifier.

Eliminate Odors From the Air

Odors are molecules or chemicals that float through the air. They’re invisible, but they come from something, so when you have bad odors wafting through the air in your home, they’re born from something. It could be the trash in the kitchen, the pet stench that’s in your couch, or a mix of things.

Air purifiers are able to pull these out of the air and trap these odor-causing particles in their air filters. That means you stop smelling whatever it is, and your air purifier makes your home more pleasant for everyone at the same time.

It’ll Be Easier to Sleep Every Night

Sleep will legitimately be easier. When you breathe at night, harmful VOCs and contaminants can drastically irritate your lungs and throat, making it harder to get a good night’s rest. Even if you fall asleep easily, poor air quality could be disturbing that rest. An air purifier helps you fight back when you’re at your most vulnerable.

You Reduce Your Chance of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Sick building syndrome is essentially caused by you breathing in poor air that’s filled with contaminants. Doing this over time can cause lasting health problems, and SBS can just be the start. With an air purifier, you pull all those nasty contaminants and VOCs out of your air.

While an air purifier can’t eliminate 100% of all germs in your air, it can reduce the number that you breathe in and give you the best fighting chance possible. Nobody should have to breathe in contaminants while they sleep and have no control over it–that’s where air purifiers help the most.

Your Home’s Air Is Never as Clean as You Think It Is

As powerful tools for your indoor air quality, air purifiers provide you with clean air to breathe, plain and simple. They help reduce nasty allergens, help you sleep better at night, and even remove bad odors from the air at the same time. If you’re ready to breathe better, give us a call today.

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