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The 3 Levels of Water Quality

Jan 11, 2021

How is the quality of your water in your home? When you turn on the tap, do you dread what comes out? Do you feel the side-effects of untreated water, or are your appliances struggling with the quality of your water? If this is the case, as it is for many homeowners in our area, then we’ve got solutions for you. We’d like to talk about three unique levels of water quality that you should pay attention to.

These levels are one way you can grade your water quality and understand whether or not you need a water treatment system in Albuquerque, NM. If your water isn’t up to one of these three standards, then we can assure you a water treatment system, or our water testing services, can absolutely help.

Keep reading to be better informed about your water quality, and remember to call us if you need help with setting up a water treatment system!


The Color of Your Water

Depending on where you get your water from, this can be an interesting thing to think about. What color is your water supposed to be? Different areas have different colored water, and whether you’re drinking water from the Bahamas or from the Great Lakes, it’s going to look different. The important thing to remember is that water should be clear when it comes from your faucet.

Unless you’re filling a swimming pool, or you’re looking at a lake, water shouldn’t really have much of a color. Any blues or greens could signify something contaminating it, perhaps a chemical, and warrants the need for water treatment. Also, if there are any rust colors in your water, you could be dealing with rusting pipes or minerals in your water that are causing damage to your plumbing system. When in doubt, call us and we’ll sort it out.

The Contaminants in Your Water

Is your water making you sick? Is it leaving stains? There could be contaminants in your water that are invisible to the naked eye. Things like minerals, organisms, or other things that make it taste funky or leave your stomach grumbling uncomfortably.

Basically, this is where our water testing services can be handy. You don’t need to see the contaminants in your water to believe that they’re making you unhappy or uncomfortable. When you schedule water testing with us, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what contaminants are in there and what can be done about them.

The Smell of Your Water

Water should smell one of two ways. Either enticingly fresh and crisp, or like nothing at all. Sure, your water might smell like juniper or some other type of local fauna, but that might just be your luck of the draw with the water that comes from your property. If your water smells bad, then you should definitely call us for help.

The smell of water can be a clue that something isn’t right with either the water itself or your plumbing system. There could be a critter in there, or you could have some contaminants in your water that might make you sick. Either way, give us a call so we can help.

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