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Make Sure You’re Not Paying Too Much on Your Winter Heating Bill

Dec 17, 2018

It’s finally cold here in New Mexico so you’re focus is probably more centered on things like layering clothes, making sure your heater is in check, and ensuring that you take a little extra Vitamin C for this cold and flu season. It’s great to stay warm in your home, but you should always ensure that the warmth provided to your home comes at the best price available. You don’t have to muddle through this cold season with a high heating bill. You deserve comfortable conditions. We understand how to keep your heater efficiency high and your bills low. If you need HVAC services in Santa Fe, NM from a great team, choose ours! We have the right tools and professionals to optimize your system.

How to Lower Your Heating Bill

Here’s how you can get the most out of your heating system this winter:

Turn Down Your Thermostat

We know what it’s like to come home from cold winter weather here in Santa Fe—you want comfort as fast as possible. Lots of homeowners crank their thermostat high when the temperature outdoors is low because they think that it will heat their home a lot faster. This isn’t true: a high thermostat temperature will just make your system heat for a lot longer. This means that your home will take the same amount of time to heat up, and you’ll just waste energy and heat your home to excess.

When it comes to heating your home throughout the day, try lowering your average thermostat temperature by a couple degrees. You save up to 3% on your heating bill per degree lowered over a 24-hour period. Three percent might not seem like a big number, but it’s enough to see a noticeable difference in your heating bill. Try programming your thermostat for times throughout the day to make regulating your home’s temperature easier.

Try a Humidifier

If you take the advice from above and turn down the temperature on your thermostat, there’s a simple way to help you feel warmer at home—a whole-home humidifier. It’s extremely dry here during winter and this dries out your skin and hair, dehydrates your wooden furniture, and depletes your body of the moisture necessary to fight off colds, flus, and other viruses. A humidifier balances the humidity in your home. Humidity in this space acts as an insulator and helps you feel warmer. Installing a whole-home humidifier is a great investment for both your bank account and your comfort!

Watch Those Windows

Did you know that about 10-25% of your heating loss can be attributed to your windows? You can combat this in three ways:

  1. Open your curtains, blinds, or shades on south-facing windows during the day. The sunlight pouring in at this time helps to heat your home and keep it warm.
  2. Close windows and window coverings after the sun goes down to insulate your home and keep heat inside.
  3. Invest in some type of curtain, drape, or blind system for every window in your home.

If you want to lower your heating bill this winter contact Desert Suns Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment.

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