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Lingering Heating Problems?

Oct 21, 2019

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and think back to last winter. Did you have real issues with the heater in your home? Don’t be so quick to write this problem off with a “no.” Those issues that you don’t think are worthy of repair might be actual problems. Trust us when we say that small heating issues can snowball into bigger problems. It’s always a better decision to tackle the problem head-on right now rather than wait until it’s a debilitating issue that you simply can’t ignore.

Contact our professionals if you need furnace repair in Santa Fe, NM this season. We can ensure that you get the service you deserve at an affordable price. We’re in the business of keeping New Mexico residents comfortable, not making a profit. Come to us today.

Be on the Lookout For…

Make sure that you watch out for these problems this fall in your home.

Trouble Heating Your Home

Do you ever struggle to get your home to your desired temperature? The struggle doesn’t need to be excessive. “Struggling” here could include anything that leaves you dissatisfied. It doesn’t have to be limited to actual mechanical malfunctions. If you constantly have to run to your thermostat to start the process of heating over again, then you’re having trouble heating your home. Just because an issue seems benign doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of professional attention. Call us today.

High Heating Bills

Do you feel like your heating bills are always sky high? Super high heating bills are a big problem in many homes here in New Mexico. If your heater is out of shape, it’s time to schedule an appointment to optimize its efficiency. Don’t deal with high heating bills for another winter. Instead, schedule an appointment with our team today.

Weird Sounds

Are you noticing that your heater makes odd sounds when it runs? Your heater shouldn’t really make any noise when it turns on. You might notice a soft clicking noise when the system turns on or off and you may hear the sound of air moving through your vents, but all these sounds should be quiet and unobtrusive. Watch out for sounds like banging, grating, squeaking, or squealing when your heater runs. We can help you get your heater back on track.

Make Sure You Get Quality Service

You always to make sure that you’re getting quality service from a professional team. We know that it’s tempting to want to schedule work with an amateur in an effort to save yourself a little money. You may even want to attempt to DIY the work on your own. In reality, it’s always more beneficial for you to schedule an appointment with a team of professionals like ours because we know how to service any heater that you could possibly have in your home including furnaces, boilers, ductless systems, and heat pumps.

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