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Lingering AC Problems from Last Summer? Contact Us!

Apr 22, 2019

air-conditioner-maintenanceBe honest with yourself—did you have trouble with your air conditioner last summer? “Trouble” could mean a lot of things and we’ll get into the specifics below, but for now, let’s classify trouble as anything that prevented you from staying as cool as possible last summer.

Now is the time to act! Procrastination is the enemy of a comfortable home and a healthy HVAC system. Make sure that you knock out any problems before they become a burden that keeps your home stuffy and uncomfortable this summer. You can contact our team for Santa Fe AC Repair service that you can trust. We’re a responsible team that puts your comfort first.>

AC Issues to Look Out For

All these signs listed below are reasons for concern. If you’re experiencing any of them, make sure you contact our team.

Warm Air

When it’s the middle of summer and you’re sweltering in the baking heat of the Santa Fe sun, the last thing you want to do is feel warm air blowing from your air conditioner. A lot of the time, you might brush this problem off if it isn’t extreme. But even air that just feels lukewarm is a big problem too. The air blowing out of your air conditioner should always feel cool and crisp.

Not Enough Airflow

Could you describe the airflow in your home as “weak?” You should never feel like the airflow in your home isn’t blowing strong enough. It’s a sign that you’re having real trouble with your air conditioner. The trouble is that you could have a problem with anything—the blower in your air conditioning system, the compressor, or the venting system. You need a professional to pinpoint what the problem is exactly.

Short Cycling

Notice that your air conditioner starts, runs for a super short amount of time, stops, and then repeats the process all over again? This is what we call “short cycling” in the HVAC industry. It’s a huge problem for the efficacy of your system that will shorten the lifespan of your AC and increase the cost of your cooling bill.

Water Leaks

A big problem that homeowners run into when they’re having trouble with their air conditioning system is leaking. If you experience any type of leaking from your outdoor unit then make sure you contact a professional sooner rather than later. Water leaks are the sign of major system trouble.

What You Can Do

The best thing that you can do if you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above is to contact a professional right away. If you wait until the problems are already so severe that you’re at the point of damage control. It’s more likely that at this stage you’ll have to scramble to find a great technician and you’ll have to spend more money. If you address any air conditioning repair issues now, they’re more likely to be smaller in scale and easier to handle. When you need great air conditioning services make sure that you contact our team.

If you had any problems with your air conditioner last summer, make sure that you address the problems before the temperatures heat up. Contact our team at Desert Suns Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment for AC repair.

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