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Keep Your Drains Clear the Easy Way

Sep 22, 2020

As with everything in life, there’s an easy way and a hard way. The hard way, when it comes to plumbing, is using tools that aren’t right for the job, waiting too long to call a plumber, and so on. The easy way is to default to our plumber’s opinion as to what you should do next. Perhaps we should end this post early since we just figured that out!

Well, hold on just a minute. What else constitutes a bad plumbing habit? Why are so many homeowners choosing to perform bad plumbing practices that inevitably cause their drains to clog up more frequently? Well, we can answer those questions for you down below. When it comes to services offered by a plumber in Albuquerque, NM, we’re the ones for the job.

Let’s make sure you’re dealing with your drains the easy way.


Your Best Step Forward

Do you know what’s worse than having to call a professional plumber to unclog your drains? Calling a professional plumber multiple times a year to unclog your drains. What we’re covering in this blog post are ways that you can avoid having to call a plumber multiple times a year because your plumbing system is struggling so much.

Flushing Things Down the Drain

How often do you brew coffee? Is it every day? Then you’re probably in big trouble if you flush your coffee grounds down the drain every day. Coffee grounds, food waste, fats, oils, and grease are all terrible for the condition of your drain. They will gunk up and clog it in half the time it would take for other materials to clog your drain. That equates to constant calls to a plumber for drain cleaning services.

Why not avoid this by preventing drain clogs in the first place? The more negligent you are with your drain by flushing things down there, the more annoyed you’ll be when you encounter clogs. This goes for bathroom drains as well, since long hair, sand, and other substances that can’t dissolve will clog up your drain just as quickly. Use a mesh screen or some other drain catcher to help you clean up more effectively.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Talk about an easy way and a hard way, chemical drain cleaners are the epitome of doing things the hard way. These substances are harsh, and they will ruin the lining of your pipes. They’re bad for your health, releasing powerful fumes that can make you tear up and cause skin rashes. Did we mention that those lingering fumes can stick in your bathroom or kitchen for days on end? Did we also mention that those chemical drain cleaners sometimes don’t even work?

If you’re angry about how harmful and ineffective chemical drain cleaners are, then we hear you. Avoid these at all costs and you’ll be better off.

Scheduling Plumbing Services

We know, calling for a plumber is what you’re trying to avoid by reading this blog post, right? Well, with the right plumber, it can actually be a pretty nice experience. Plumbers can quickly and effectively remove drain clogs and clean your plumbing system. There are no caveats with this kind of service, just a good old-fashioned solution that does the trick. If nothing is working to unclog your drains and it’s starting to stress you out, call us.

Call First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc for reliable plumbing services that you can count on. Quality work, exuberant service.

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