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Is Drain Cleaning a DIY Job?

Jun 12, 2023

Cleaning out your drains may seem like a super simple task, but we’re not just talking about pulling up some hair or a bit of paper from the drain to increase the drain flow. We’re talking about deep drain cleaning and the major benefits it offers.

You can solve a basic drain clog on your own, but it goes deeper than that. Here’s why you may need drain cleaning in Albuquerque, NM for those pipes sooner than you thought, and what benefits you get from professional services over doing it yourself.


Extensive Experience

Plumbers not only carry better tools that are far more equipped to unclog your drains, but they also carry invaluable experience with them. All that cumulative experience means they can handle the issue quicker than you, while providing a more in-depth solution.

Their experience helps them carry out jobs quickly and efficiently, while also giving you peace of mind that the job will be done properly. Plus, it helps you save time so you can focus on other tasks around the house in the meantime.

Point of Inspection

During drain cleaning, plumbers use that time as a point of inspection. While they can’t just inspect your entire plumbing system (that’s usually a service you specifically seek out), they can inspect the drains that you called to unclog.

Through their tools and expertise, they can identify problems with your drain while servicing it. This can include:

  • Sourcing the problem behind foul odors rising from the drain.
  • Location corrosion and identifying further issues that need inspection and attention.
  • Slow draining beyond surface-level clogs at the top of the drain.

When a plumber services your drain, you get more than faster draining at the end of the day. You get a more extensive service that helps find any red flags in your drains, which can be indicative of overall plumbing system health.

Removing Build-Up and Protecting Your Pipes

Some build-up occurs in your drains over time, which can lead to expedited corrosion of your pipes if left unchecked. Build-up can contain hair, soap scum, and dirt that gets washed down the drain, but it’s a bigger problem than most people think.

As build-up sits and collects on the edges of your pipes, corrosion gets worse, and this is doubly true depending on what is sitting there. If you’ve used store-bought chemicals to unclog your drain in the past, it could be stuck to the side of your pipes in these areas.

We know–the bottle said that it doesn’t harm drains, right? Well, even if that can be believed, it’s only referencing as the cleaner passes through your drain and unblocks your sink. It’s not going to work like a snake tool to actually scrape hard stuck-on build-up, so some of it sits around and actually damages your pipes in the long run.

Don’t DIY It, Call the Pros

Your drains aren’t DIY-ready–they require better tools, extensive experience, and a plumber who knows how to dually inspect your drains while clearing them out. For the sake of your home plumbing health, contact a professional today and get more than you bargained for.

Contact First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc today to schedule your drain cleaning services as soon as possible.

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