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How That New Installation Went Wrong

Sep 20, 2021

Why don’t you take a seat and grab that freshly brewed coffee? We need to talk about something that can be difficult to hear. Don’t worry, we’re not going to be a Debby Downer and start harping on what should have happened or what could have happened, instead, we’re solely interested in where to go from here. We’re remaining optimistic that homeowners can still make great decisions for their comfort even if they’ve come up against a serious problem.

We’re going to talk about botched installations. You might be absolutely frustrated with your neighbor’s attempt to provide air conditioning installation in Albuquerque, NM on your property. Or you’re just a little annoyed with the problems that have come from your family friend who tried to set you up with a nice AC.

Regardless of how you feel or where you are, let’s look towards the future. Today, we’ll discuss what exactly went wrong on that installation, and why professional service really is worth the price tag.


Three Unique Problems With Amateur Installation

We could talk for hours about the potential problems with a botched AC installation, but the truth is that there are three that we see most commonly. We’ll cover in a future blog some more problems that can come from poor installation, but the point is that if you believe your air conditioner wasn’t installed correctly, you need to call us as soon as possible. We can quickly and effectively get your system back on track, whether that’s through repairs or a whole system replacement.

Improper Load Calculation

Load calculation is an industry term we use to describe the sizing of your air conditioner. Remember, your AC system needs to cool a specific volume of air in your home. Whether that’s ten thousand cubic feet or one hundred thousand cubic feet, different air conditioners will be able to do different amounts of cooling.

You can probably see where we’re going with this. If an air conditioner was set up too small for your home, then it will never efficiently be able to cool the air. It will likely run for absurdly long periods of time, run into constant repair needs, and cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

Likewise, if your air conditioner is too large for your home, it will do something called short-cycling, where it runs in short, frequent cycles. This can be horrible for your energy efficiency and also cause the system to abruptly shut down which damages some components over time.

Incorrectly Attached Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines need to be sealed when they’re attached at the time of installation. If they’re not, they’ll leak refrigerant and cause your system to slowly deteriorate over time. This could be fixed with a quick patching or sealing job, but it might require whole component replacement which can be a bit more expensive.

Unaligned Component

Is your AC making a funky noise after it was installed? This could be from a loosely screwed component or a blower fan that’s misaligned and bumping into the casing of the system.

This might be a simple fix, but it might not be. You’ll only be able to figure this out if you call our team for a system assessment. We’ll let you know how much it would cost to get your system back on track.

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