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3 Signs Your Furnace is Starting to Fail

Dec 26, 2022


You turn on your furnace, notice the thermostat isn’t dropping (or is dropping slowly), and don’t feel as cozy as normal. No, you’re not going crazy—you’re noticing a change in your furnace’s efficiency.

But how do you know if you need HVAC service in Rio Rancho, NM or if it’s not that serious? Let’s discuss the three main signs that your heater is failing so you can be prepared for when it happens.


Severely Poor Heating

You turn on your thermostat, set it to 70°F, but notice your furnace is running for a long time. It either takes way too long to achieve the desired temperature, or it’s just not hitting the desired output that you want.

Any functioning furnace should be able to handle 70°F without encountering problems or extended heating times (save for extreme climates, but this is New Mexico we’re talking about).

If you judge your furnace’s ability to heat your home as poor and notice it takes a long time to warm up, your furnace could have an airflow problem. Inspect the air filter and change it out if possible. These should be swapped out every 30-90 days, and thick dust will impair their ability to function.

A technician will be able to tell you if it’s a problem with the furnace. There’s a chance that your ductwork is leaking a lot of air, or your thermostat is miscalibrated. This is why it’s important to have an experienced technician diagnose the problem.

Your Unit Shuts Off Before Heating the House Enough

Your furnace isn’t supposed to turn off until it completes the objective: getting the temperature to the degree you set on the thermostat.

If your furnace shuts down prematurely, it could be due to short cycling. This is when your furnace turns on, runs warm air for a short amount of time, then stops operating.

Short cycling is an electrical problem, but it also puts added strain on your furnace (and heating bills) at the same time.

Constant Concerning Noises During Operation

Your furnace is a combustion-based machine; it’s going to make a fair few noises. However, many of these noises should either be during the beginning of its operation, or sporadic at best during use.

If your furnace simply won’t quiet down throughout the day and continues to make loud banging sounds, screeching noises, or a continuous light chirp, there’s cause for concern.

This could be a number of problems, but the most severe is a cracked heat exchanger which releases deadly carbon monoxide into your home. This requires a technician to fix every time.

Your Furnace Needs a Helping Hand

Did these three system failure signs make you think of your own furnace? If so, it’s time to schedule an appointment. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent complete system failure. Damaged components impact the rest of your furnace, and before long your repair costs will skyrocket if additional components break as a result.

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